Help and Advice

1.How do I apply for a room?

  • In order to apply for a room, you must fill out an application form online and pay a €400 application fee which is refundable when you move out of the accommodation. 
  • An email notification will be sent to all applicants upon the receipt of their application. Please note that receiving an email notification acknowledging your application does not guarantee a room. PMI will notify you of the application status via email within few days of submitting your application.

2.What types of rooms are available on each site?

In Cratloe there are mainly 3 bedroom apartments available. They have two single rooms without an en-suite and one single room with an en-suite. If you are looking to be housed with friends please make sure that you have selected the correct room types. There are also limited numbers of twin sharing rooms available, this room is an ensuite room with 2 single beds which can be twin shared by 2 people.

In Thomond there are three bed apartments available. Each apartment has a single non en-suite room, single room with an en-suite and a double room with an en-suite.

In Ashdown there are twin sharing rooms with en-suite and without en-suite, single rooms without an en-suite.

If you would like to share your apartment with certain people please make sure that you do not all apply for the same room type as you cannot be placed in the same apartment.

3.How do I pay my rent?

We request payments twice a year. One payment will be taken in August before you move into the accommodation and the other will be taken in December. The first payment has to be paid in order to receive your keys to the apartment. 

4.What is included in the apartment?

All apartments are fitted with a microwave, kettle and toaster. You will need to bring your own cutlery, delph, pots and pans.


5.Are electricity and utility costs refundable?

No, the electricity and utilities are non-refundable. These are included in the overall cost of the accommodation and they will be topped up for you automatically. However if you reach the allocated allowance for each resident before your move out date, the residents are liable for any extra electricity charges.

In Thomond village each apartment is fitted with a pinergy meter. The electricity is not included in the overall rent price therefore you and your housemates will have to ensure that you have topped up the meter at all times.

6.If I’m on the waiting list, when will I hear back?

When our application list is full we open waiting list for each site.

Our waiting list will open in July - the exact date is yet to be confirmed. Please check the PMI website and social media for further updates. When the waiting list is open, kindly add your name if you still require accommodation.

Once you fill out the form you will be placed on a waiting list. If any rooms become available, we will ring students from the waiting list and offer them the rooms. You will not have to pay any booking fee to get on a waiting list however, if we ring you and offer you a place you will then have to pay the booking fee to secure your room. Usually once the CAO offers are released there are a lot of changes and students will change their minds about what college and accommodation they need. 

7.Once my application is successful, can I receive a refund for the booking fee if I decide to cancel?

Our 1st year cancellation policy is as follows:

Cancellations received before June 1st – receive full Booking Fee back

Cancellations received between June 2nd and within 3 days of receiving the CAO offers – receive €250 back

Cancellations received after 3 days of receiving the 1st round CAO offers – forfeit full deposit


For all other applicants, 

Cancellations received before June 1st will receive a full Booking Fee refund of €400.

Cancellations received between June 2nd and August 1st will receive a Booking Fee refund of €250.

Cancellations received after August 1st will result in a total loss of the booking fee.


All cancellations must be submitted in writing to quoting your application reference number and the name of the village you applied for. 


8.How to cancel my application?

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to quoting your application reference number and the name of the village you applied for. 

All cancellations have to be made in writing, we cannot accept any cancellations via telephone.

9. What financial support is available to me?

SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) is Ireland’s single national awarding authority for all higher and further education grants. SUSI offers funding to eligible students in approved full-time third-level education in Ireland and also, in some cases, funding for students studying outside of Ireland. Support is available to all types of students, from school leavers to mature students returning to education. You can visit for more details on how to apply.

10. Information Needed For Online Application Form

Student First Name:

Student Surname:

Email Address:

Date of Birth:

Student Mobile Number:

Home Phone Number:

PPS Number:


Home Address

Address Line 1:

Address Line 2:

Address Line 3:

Address Line 4:

Post Code:


Parent/Guardian Details

Parent/Guardian First Name:

Parent/Guardian Surname:

Parent/Guardian Mobile Number:

Parent/Guardian Email Address:

Course Details

Name of Course and Name of College:

Year of Study in 2021/2022 academic year:    

Have you stayed in any of our accommodation previously:




Do you suffer from any medical conditions:




Room Type *:      


Please note that the room type selected is a preference only and it cannot be guaranteed. You will be offered whichever room type becomes available, if any.

Duration of Stay:   

Please list any incoming residents you know that you would like to share an apartment with:


Bank Details

The IBAN and BIC will only be used in the case of a deposit refund at the end of your stay.



11. How do I use my fob?

Please follow this link to our YouTube page to find instructions on how to use your fob

12. How do I use my immersion timer?

Please follow this link to our YouTube page to find instructions on how to use your immersion timer

13. How do I use the heaters in my apartment?

Please follow this link to our YouTube page to find instructions on how to use the heaters in your apartment


YOUR TENANCY - Your occupancy agreement is a Licence to Reside. This means you have a right to stay in  your room until the end of the agreed tenancy period. When you signed your License to Reside you made a legally binding agreement with Property Management Ireland to keep to the terms and have accepted the responsibilities of the agreement.  

We expect you to: 

• Pay your rent at the agreed time

• Look after your accommodation and keep all areas clean 

• Behave appropriately within the building and surrounding areas

 • Be respectful to other residents

• Not to sub-let your room


We will: 

• Carry out repairs within the property and ensure it is a safe and secure place to live 

• Keep the communal areas clean 

• Carry out regular health and safety checks of the building