Renting in Ireland: An Expert's Guide


How to find a place to rent in Ireland

Before you even start to search for an apartment or house to rent, there are a few parameters you should set to avoid getting caught up in a ‘heat of the moment’ decision. These parameters are:

  • Total rental cost
  • Location of the property
  • How much room do you need
  • Amenities

It’s best to have a clear concept of what you need from these four areas before you start looking for a house or apartment to rent. 


Where to find rented accommodation in Ireland?

Now that you have set certain limits on the type of apartment or house to rent, the easiest and fastest way to search for a place is the internet.

Some of the top-rated websites for finding a rental home in Ireland include:


We recommend setting up alerts for properties that meet your specifications on these websites. This way, you will be immediately advised as soon as a new property becomes available for rent that meets your criteria.

Facebook is also a great place to find accommodation deals. There are a number of Facebook groups, many of which will be private and you will need to request access to. Tenants who already have a secured house and need replacement tenants or homeowners with a spare room will advertise on these groups.


Watch out for scams

Unfortunately, scammers have taken advantage of the demand for accommodation in Ireland. It is not recommended to hand any money over to private landlords before viewing the property.


What do I do once I see accommodation I like?

Book a viewing quickly! This is a serious operation that you need to be prepared for. Every landlord who put a property on the market will have a full inbox on the first day they advertise. It is your job to be at the front of the queue and stand out as a model tenant.


What do I do once I have the viewing?

In the current housing climate, properties are snapped up quickly and the inboxes of property advertisers fill to the brim quickly. Get there first and contact the landlord or management agency as soon as possible to arrange a viewing. If a property ticks all the boxes, be prepared to make an offer to the landlord at the viewing.

Make sure to have any documents a landlord or management agency might ask you for.

This could include:

  • References: from your employer, the bank and a previous landlord.
  • Proof of your home address.
  • Photo ID and copies.
  • Your PPS number.

Remember you’ll also need to have enough money to cover the first month of rent and 1-2 months’ deposit.


Here are some things you should be looking out for when viewing a property:

  • Do the windows open?
  • Do the fridge and cooker work properly?
  • Is there a functioning smoke detector?
  • Is there a fire alarm in the building (for flat and apartment buildings)
  • Is the bathroom in good condition? Any signs of dampness?
  • How secure are the front door lock and window locks?
  • Is the hot water functioning properly?


Take also some time to visit the surrounding area of the rentals’ location. Some items you want to look for:

  • Is there parking in the area?
  • Is there easy access to public transportation?
  • How close are the shops and other facilities?
  • Is there parking or storage available for bicycles?


Once you’ve secured your rented place

Enjoy the fruits of your labour and living in whichever of Ireland’s beautiful cities you have chosen. Always remember your rights as a tenant, and that landlords are legally obliged to ensure that properties comply with minimum physical standards, so don’t stand for anything less.